Can TikTok’s new CEO solve all its problems?

Short-video platform TikTok announced last week that it had pulled off a major coup by hiring Kevin Mayer, Disney’s head of streaming, as its chief executive.

Is RBF an alternative to traditional loans and venture capital?

The era of “move fast and break things” looks to be over. Once conducive to unicorns and venture capitalists with a kingmaker bent, this high-growth and high-risk mentality is losing appeal among business owners amid decreasing stock prices and the economic fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Why Kopi Kenangan leads Indonesia’s VC-backed coffee wars

A couple of years into Indonesia’s coffee wars, and one company appears to have separated itself from the pack.

Bytedance employee quits to start app that pays you to read the news

Ever dreamt of being paid to scroll through news? US-based BuzzBreak is making that come true by rewarding reading behavior with money, paying out around US$0.10 per article. The company says that its most voracious users have cashed out over US$1,000 in a month – it would’ve taken them at least 10,000 unique article clicks to arrive at that amount.

The dark – and bright – side of cloud kitchens

We know this much about cloud kitchens: Also called dark or ghost kitchens, they are spaces designed to prepare food that’s meant for delivery. Simply put, they are centralized kitchens without a storefront, though some include a dine-in option.

India’s social commerce startups are dodging Amazon, Flipkart

Lockdown or not, Navjot Kaur gets up every day and greets her online audience from her living room. The 30-year-old fitness trainer works as an influencer on Indian livestream commerce platform BulBul, helping sell health products to hundreds of viewers in smaller Indian towns.

The enigmatic tycoon guiding Oppo, Vivo, and Pinduoduo

In the early 2000s, BBK Electronics Corporation was at the brink of falling apart as its mainstay audiovisual business dwindled. Under the leadership of founder Duan Yongping, the Chinese consumer electronics firm pivoted to smartphones.

Indonesia’s Fore Coffee closes 16 stores, denies shutdown rumors

Indonesia’s Fore Coffee has permanently closed 16 of its 133 outlets in the country in April as it adapts to the changing business conditions amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Another 45 outlets are also temporarily closed during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, according to co-founder and CEO Elisa Suteja.

After 1.8 billion downloads, a file-sharing app makes a big pivot

With over 1.8 billion downloads, Shareit is one of the most popular Google Play apps of all time, according to App Annie.

A roadmap for online travel’s long, painful path to recovery

Five months into the Covid-19 pandemic, at least one online travel company in Southeast Asia has shut down. The rest face cratering revenues and are making both ends meet by cutting costs. But since the economic fallout from this black swan event will likely be felt for some time, there are limits to this strategy.

A new point-of-sales race is brewing in Indonesia

Despite the growing popularity of online transactions in ecommerce platforms like Tokopedia and Bukalapak, around 96% of total transactions in Indonesia still happen offline.

How the Zalora Mafia helped create Southeast Asia’s startup scene

While the past decade saw the birth of many tech startups in Southeast Asia, it could be considered a different era, especially for ecommerce. Shopping online wasn’t commonplace then, and ecommerce transactions were done via blogs, forums, and social networks.

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